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We are a strategy and design company focused on creating user-centered experiences for software, systems, and services.

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Our clients come to us with problems; none are identical and we see each as an opportunity.

From well-known brands looking to fine-tune their process, to start-ups seeking to craft their experiences from the ground up, to all variations in between; our approach to solving problems has given us the confidence to arrive at solutions which are not just beautiful — but meaningful and intuitive as well.

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Real Estate


HomeSway wanted to disrupt the stale real estate market by creating an application providing real-time data about the activity in a given market.
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Discovery, Visual Identity, UX/UI Design, iOS
Mighty turned our complex flows into simple, clean, and elegant designs. They became a true partner – not just another agency.
Client quote homesway
Sheri J.
Founder & CEO, Homesway


Facebook: Harbor

The Facebook team set out to create a secure platform that would work to change the mental model of information security professionals from “closed door” to “open arms.”
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Discovery, Research, UI/UX Design, Web
They very quickly embedded into our own internal team’s workflows, cultures, and value. They really felt like they were a part of our company.
Client quote facebook
Julian N.
PM, Facebook

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There are many different ways to reach a solution. But making sure it’s the right solution for you means partnering together from beginning to end. We work in-sync with your team to ensure our efforts are aligned with the business solutions you need.
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