We’re problem solvers, designers, caring humans, always curious, and occasionally funny.

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Above all else, we pride ourselves on being good people and good partners. We approach each engagement with this mindset to create something we can all be proud of — every time.

The Leadership Team

One part hard work, two parts personality.

Whether we’re out on a hike, spending time with those we love, or having new experiences, we believe our passions and curiosity bring balance to our work — driving us to new ideas and helping us craft smarter solutions.

JP’s our resident baseball fan — watches nearly all 162 Tigers’ games — loves dogs, enjoys a good whiskey, and could eat breakfast every meal. He’s survived a Tough Mudder and sprint triathlon. Oh, and he hates pickles.

Jason Garrett

Co-Founder / CEO

Jason's a family man; a native Texan who grew up in southern California who enjoys music, the outdoors, and old-school cinema. Oddly enough, he enjoys the occasional dose of high-octane metal (e.g. Mastodon).

Our founding principles drive us to not only be better partners — but also better humans.


People (still) value honesty.

We put a lot of stock into this truth, and not just so we can sleep easier at night. We believe that through transparency a deeper trust is built, and questions soon become answers.


We don’t know everything.

What good is an expert without expertise? We don’t know everything, this we readily admit. But it’s through ownership and purpose that we can dive in, gain knowledge, and crack the code. Take on each problem as an opportunity, not an obstacle.


People first, colleagues second.

Clients, co-workers, partners, no matter; we are all people first. Work is only a portion of the overall equation. Let’s cultivate individual passions, be inspired in all aspects of life, and ensure that who, what, and why we work is never a question.


(n). freedom from complexity.

Simple = Clear = Understandable and Executable. There really isn’t much more to say, so no matter how well-defined or complex an issue arrives in our hands, it has only one way in which it should be delivered back—simple.

We are fun, curious people looking for… well, fun, curious people.