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Homesway 1

Real Estate


HomeSway wanted to disrupt the stale real estate market by creating an application providing real-time data about the activity in a given market.
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Discovery, Visual Identity, UX/UI Design, iOS


Facebook: Harbor

The Facebook team set out to create a secure platform that would work to change the mental model of information security professionals from “closed door” to “open arms.”
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Discovery, Research, UI/UX Design, Web

B2C Food & Beverage

Bypass Ordering System

Bypass, a provider of POS and commerce technology for enterprises, needed to create a self-service food and beverage ordering solution for sporting venues.
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UX/UI Design, Web

Human Intelligence


This human intelligence company believes the next paradigm of humanity is our ability to live a meaningful life. We created an identity system which allowed them to establish their foundations and extend their brand.
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Visual Identity, Web

WIPs (otherwise known as ‘works in progress’) showcase both finished and early-stage client work, as well as creative explorations from the team.

Hiking & Running Trail Search
Analytics Dashboard
Payment Selection Screen
Events Dashboard
Payment Plan Settings
Simple Goals Dashboard
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