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Altering the thought process of an entire industry.

How do you create a platform to change the mental model of information security professionals to start openly sharing information? That was the question that began a nearly 18-month long journey.

Important Note
This engagement spanned nearly two years and was crafted in partnership with the amazing talent @Handsomemade.
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Getting to know the users

We had to first find out how security professionals communicated - both internally and with other companies. The original product concept was structured around sharing best practices — such as whitepapers, articles, and reports. We conducted interviews of professionals at multiple, industry-leading companies and discovered that best practices were getting in the way of information exchange. We discovered we’d have to pivot to a platform built around conversation.

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We interviewed professionals from multiple industry-leading companies and discovered impediments to valuable conversational exchange.

Setting a few ground rules

As Harbor’s strategy continued to pivot, so did its design. We reorganized the structure and feature prioritization to highlight moderators, personal brands, and questions that floated between professionals.

The use of moderators ensured that any information shared with the community was safe and acceptable to ship. We baked in a simple set of permissions to streamline the drafting, editing, and publishing process within a single company’s account to let professionals share quickly with those they trusted.

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Establishing an identity

Originally code named ‘Security Portal,’ we eventually helped settle upon Harbor. This concept communicated a safe and secure platform for professionals of varying experience levels to confidently discuss their own unique experiences across different roles and companies.

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They very quickly embedded into our own internal team’s workflows, cultures, and value. They really felt like they were a part of our company.
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Julian N.
PM, Facebook
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Gaining new product family

The product’s insights eventually saw life in changes to two existing products within Facebook — ThreatExchange and @Work (now Workplace). These products joined the conversation and the concepts that made Harbor great were ultimately absorbed. If we’re honest, we were surprisingly comfortable with the turn of events. It was never about the screens that were designed, it was about the problem we set out to solve. And those solutions live on.

Scope of Work

Project Definition

  • Knowledge Transfer Meeting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Opportunity Generation

Experience Strategy

  • Contextual Inquiries
  • Affinity & Synthesis
  • Quantitative Studies

Detailed UI Design

  • Motion Design
  • Interface (UI) Design
  • Prep for Development


  • Backlog Grooming
  • Design Reviews


  • Scenarios & Stories
  • System Modeling
  • Ideation & Sketching
  • Questioning & Brainstorming

Interaction Design

  • Content Auditing
  • User Validation Testing
  • Micro-Interactions

Detailed UI Design

  • Motion Design
  • Interface (UI) Design
  • Prep for Development


  • Backlog Grooming
  • Design Reviews